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1. Digital Images

AIC Digital Image Repository (aka AIC Digimage)
As a service to our readers, Adventism in China provides an online repository of digitized images of historic photos and documents relating to the history of Adventism in China. The online repository, called AIC DIR (also known by its screen name: AIC Digimage) may be accessed anywhere from around the world. You may use of these digital images freely provided that your work is noncommercial in nature and that you properly acknowledge these images are from AIC DIR.
Location of the AIC DIR (AIC Digimage):
The AIC Digital Image Repository is currently hosted by Yahoo FLICKR and is located at:

Click the above link to see the image repository. On this webpage, the photos are collected in sets. Each set consists of photos about an individual, an institution, or an entity of the church. Click on the set that you want to see and the photos in that set will be displayed to you.

Your comments are welcome!
These photos are for open access. You are cordially invited to comment on them, particularly if you find any errors or omissions in the description, or if you know the names of people in the photo, or know when/where the photo was taken, we would love to hear from you. Please simply add a comment to the photo(s).

How are the images organized?
The photos or images are organized in a three-fold hierarchy:
At the top level, there are three (3) main collections: Individuals, Institutions, and Organization Entity. The "Individual" collection is further divided into three (3) sub-collections: Expatriates, Laypersons, and Nationals; the "Institutions" collection is further divided into 5 sub-collections: Churches, Colleges, Hospitals, Schools, and Others; the "Organization Entity" collection is further divided into three (3) sub-collections: Missions, Unions, and Divisions. Each of the sub-collections contains sets of photos. This hierarchy may be illustrated diagrammically as below:
  1. Individuals
    1. Expatriates
      1. Anderson JN
      2. Crisler CC
      3. Miller HW
      4. .....
    2. Layperson
      1. Chan Shen
      2. Chan Ella
      3. .....
    3. Nationals
      1. Chan LS
      2. Kang KT
      3. .....
  2. Institutions
    1. Churches
      1. Foshan Church
      2. Sydney Chinese SDA Church
      3. .....
    2. Educational Institutions (schools & colleges)
      1. China Training Institute
      2. Meihua Sam Yuk School
      3. South China Training Institute
      4. Sam Yuk Middle School-Clear Water Bay
      5. .....
    3. Health Institutions (hospitals, clinics, sanitariums)
      1. Hong Kong Adventist Hospital
      2. Shanghai Sanitarium and Hospital
      3. Wuhan Sanitarium and Hospital
      4. .....
    4. Others
      1. Signs Publishing House Shanghai
      2. .....
  3. Organization Entities
    1. Missions
      1. Henan Mission
      2. Fujian Mission
      3. .....
    2. Unions
      1. South China Union Mission
      2. .....
    3. Divisions
      1. Asiatic Division
      2. China Division
      3. Far East Division
      4. .......
To see the above structure in FLICKR, you need to (1) click the "YOU" button on the top level menu; (2) select the "Organize" command in the drop-down menu; and (3) select the "Sets & Collections" tab.

The URL should show this address:
If the Flickr page does not show the above tree structure, please click the tab "Sets & Collections" along the top, and the above tree structure show be displaced.
Some recently added photos:

Photo 1: Professor J.N. Anderson and great granddaughter Caren Anderson

Photo 2: A brochure describing the work of Adventist Church in different parts of China ca. 1925

Photo 3: Pastor and Mrs. Chan Lim Shang

How to contribute to the AIC DIR?
If you wish to contribute a photo (or photos) of historic significance to the AIC Digital Image Repository, you may email your photos to this email address:


and your photo(s) will be automatically added to the repository's photo-stream. Furthermore, you may
  • use the email SUBJECT line to add a title to the photo.
  • use the email BODY to provide a description of the photo.
We request that you also send an email to the Project Director of "Adventism in China", lobw@uwec.edu,  to alert him/her of you photo submission. Naturally you may also send the photo file(s) directly to the Project Director for him/her to upload the file(s) for you.

The AIC Image Management Committee will review the photos submitted by you and will make a decision whether to retain your photos in the AIC DIR collection. If you have a question with respect to your photo, please contact the Chair of the AIC Image Management Committee for clarification. (Email address TBA.)

We recommend that, where possible, you use the highest resolution photo files (best quality) when making submission.