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1 Education

Here is the list of educational institutions operated by the Adventist Church in China at various time. This includes elementary schools, high(middle)  schools, as well as tertiary colleges and training institutes. The historical account of these educational institutions can be very complex, as different educational entities developed, merged, and moved from locations to locations.
  1. China Training Institute-Chiao Tou Tseng (to combine with 4, 5, 6, 9)
  2. Shanghai Sam Yuk School (to combine with 3)
  3. Shanghai Sam Yuk College
  4. Central China Training Institute
  5. Sam Yuk School Alumni List
  6. Sam Yuk History
  7. Zhunpo Battle (to combine with 8)
  8. Zhunpo Today and Yesterday
  9. Central China Training Institute
  10. West China Training Institute
  11. West Sechuen Sam Yuk Training Institute
  12. Guisie Sam Yuk Training Institute
  13. Yunan Sam Yuk Training Institute (to combine with 14)
  14. Anning Yunan Sam Yuk Training Institute, Miao Publishing House (move to Publishing House page)
  15. Northwest Sam Yuk Educational Institute

  16. Shantao Educational Institute
  17. Maihua Middle School
  18. South China Sam Yuk Schools
  19. Hong Kong Adventist College-Clear Water Bay Sam Yuk (to combine with 18)
  20. Early Hong Kong Sam Yuk Middle School
  21. Hong Kong Sam Yuk Middle School (to combine with 20)
  22. Kowloon Sam Yuk Middle School (to combine with 23)
  23. History of Kowloon Sam Yuk Middle School
  24. Taipo Sam Yuk Middle School (to combine with 25)
  25. History of Taipo Sam Yuk Middle School
  26. Macao Sam Yuk Middle School  澳門三育中学學 (to combine with 27)
  27. History of Macao Sam Yuk Middle School
  28. Taiwan Sam Yuk Christos College