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William August Scharffenberg 夏威爾 (1896 - 1973) and
Katharyn Shirley Scharffenberg (1894 - 1966)
by Shirley Mann and Bruce W. Lo, 2013
Basic Biographical Data
William August Scharffenberg was born on  August 3, 1896 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and died on  March 9, 1973 in Lodi, California.

Katharyn Shirley Scharffenberg was born on February 3, 1894 in Harrisburg, Pensylvania, and died on November 29, 1966 in Lodi, California.


Marriage: William Scharfeenberg married Katharyn Shirley on August 10, 1918.

Children: They have three sons from the oldest to the youngest: Dr. William A. Scharffenberg Jr., Richard W. Scharffenberg, and Dr. John A. Scharffenbergy.

Education: Both graduated from Washington Missionary College (now Washington Adventist University)

Summary of service:

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