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4 Overseas Chinese

The overseas Chinese Adventists played and continue to play an important role in the sharing of the Seventh-day Adventist message in their respective countries of residence and their motherland. This page provides links to the descriptions of overseas Chinese Adventist churches and Adventist Associations in different parts of the world.
The list are changing continuously. If you notice any omissions or inconsistencies, please contact us using the contact information information at the "About Us" page.:
  1. Associations
    1. San Yu Alumni Association
  2. Australasia
    1. Sydney Chinese Church
    2. Melbourne Asian Church
    3. Auckland Asian Church
  3. Canada
    1. Vancouver Chinese Church
    2. Toronto Chinese Church
  4. Southeast Asia
    1. Singapore Chinese Church (to combine with 2)
    2. Singapore Chinese Church School
    3. Kuala Lumpur Chinese Churches
    4. Johor Bahru Chinese Church
    5. Kuching Chinese Church
    6. Bankok Chinese Church
    7. Veitnam Chinese Church
    8. Cambodia Chinese Church
  5. United States
    1. San Francisco Chinese Church
    2. Los Angeles Chinese Church
    3. Loma Linda Chinese Church
    4. Boston Chinese Church