Adventism in China (AIC) 復臨中華 aims to develop a comprehensive and systematic account of the history of  Seventh-day Adventist movement in China. It has 5 components:
  1. Adventism in China Wikisite (AIC Wiki - this website) tells the stories of Adventist pioneers, church organizational entities, and related programs in China and to the Chinese people. It also traces the development of Christianity from ancient to modern China.
  2. Adventism in China Digital Image Repository (AIC DIR, aka AIC Digimage), is an online digital collection of historic photos and document images relating the Adventist movement in China. These images may be freely accessed by any interested individuals around the world.
  3. Adventism in China Publications (AIC Print) consist of hard copies of printed booklets or brochures on selected aspects of Adventist history in China. These titles are usually available on request. See the AIC Print page for more information.
  4. Center for Chinese Adventist Heritage (CCAH) located at Hong Kong Adventist College, houses physical artifacts and an online database relating to the history of Adventist Church in China. These resources are available to individuals doing non-commercial research on this subject.
  5. Adventism in China Research Network (AIC RNet) consists of a group of scholars from around the world, who share a common interest and collaborate to carry out scholarly research on subject matter relating to the AIC project.
Feedback and contributions from interested individuals are welcome. Please contact AIC Project Director, Dr. Bruce W. Lo at lobw@uwec.edu. More information may be found on the About Us page. Potential authors may also consult the Author Info page.

You may search the content of  this site from one of the following 5 perspectives....

1. Church Chronology

A chronological summary of the history of the Adventist Church in China. The chronology is determined by major events or happenings within the Adventist Church. This is the best way to get an overview of the Adventist Church history in China. Click here Chronology to find out more...

2. Individual Person

Stories of individuals in the church who had made significant contributions to the Adventist message in China. You may search their stories by their names in alphabetic order. Click here Individuals to find out more...

3. Church Departments and Institutions

Here you can find the work of the Church according church departments or the nature of the ministry, e.g. education, health, publishing, etc. Click here Institutions to find out more...

4. Political Periods (Era of Time)

The Adventist history is divided into periods according to political or national events in China and the World, such as wars, political movements, and major civil activities. These events are happenings outside of the church. Click here Periods to find out more....

5. Geographical Regions

Here Adventist history is described according to different geographical regions in China, such as Central China Union Mission, and South China Union Mission, provinces, or cities etc. Click here Regions to find out more....

Thanks to the contribution of Mr. Wu Chook Ying, former Executive Secretary of the Southeast Asia Union, a series of articles on the history of overseas Chinese Seventh-day Adventist churches in Canada, USA, and Asia have been posted on the AIC webstie. Follow the navigation bars on the left hand side to get to the full list of articles:
Regions --> 4 Overseas Chinese

In collaboration with www.gospeltour.net, AIC will conduct  a 10-Day 5-City China Tour, Adventist and Christian Heritage in China, from October 9 to 18, 2018.  Find out more..... (link to be activated shortly)

Past AIC Activities

2014 Celebration of the Center for Chinese Adventist Heritage initiative, Hong Kong Adventist College, Oct 31, 2014Find out more.....

2014 The joint AIC-ASDAH Conference, Reflection on Adventism in China and Asia, Oct 30-31, 2014, Hong Kong. Find out more..... See also Adventist Review News Report

2014 The post-Conference 12-Day 6-City China TourFootsteps of Adventist Pioneers in China, Nov 3-14, 2014,  Find out more.....