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This project aims to provide a comprehensive and systematic documentation of the history of the Adventist movement in China from ancient time to today. A work of this magnitude requires the collaborative efforts of many individuals. If you are interested in contributing to this project, please contact: Bruce W. Lo, lobw@uwec.edu


1. Charbonnier, Jean-Pierre (2002), Histoire des Chretiens de Chine (Original French edition), Les Indes Savantes, Paris; M.N.L. Couve de Murville (2007), English translator, Christians in China: A.D. 600 to 2000, Ignatius Press: San Francisco, CA.

2. Bays, Daniel H. (2005) The Foreign Missionary Movement of the 19th and 20th Centuries, National Humanities Center, retrieved 1/4/2013 from http://nationalhumanitiescenter.org/tserve/nineteen/nkeyinfo/fmmovementb.htm

Why Adventism in China?

The Seventh-day Adventist movement plays a not insignificant role in China's transition into modern nationhood particularly during the early parts of the 20th century. Existing accounts of the Adventist history in China tend to be piecemeal and fragmentary, or are told often from a single perspective (e.g. for the consumption of certain audience, or from the eyes of specific individuals or interest-groups). Thus it is difficult to get a complete or objective picture of what actually transpired during the course of history. The Adventism in China project attempts to develop a Wiki-site, based on the online collaborative model, to provide a set of more objective, systematic, and multi-perspective documentation.


These are the distinguishing features of the Adventism in China Wiki-site:

  • Multilingual presentation - initially the site will be in English; subsequently it is expected to be available also in both simplified and traditional Chinese.

  • Multiple search capability - information on the site may be search by many different approaches: by name of individuals, church institutions, church chronology, political period/era, or geographical regions.

  • Both expatriate and indigenous perspectives - Most of the Adventist history in China are recorded by expatriate missionaries. The French historian, Jean Charbonnier1 argued that no account of "Christianity in China" is complete unless it also includes meaningful accounts of the Chinese Christians themselves. Here we presents accounts of the works done by indigenous Chinese Adventists, often written by their descendants.

  • Acknowledgement of significant contributions from women pioneers - Most existing historical accounts tends to focus on the works of the male members of patriarchs, often overlooking the fact that woman missionaries in fact out numbered men during the 19th and early 20th centuries2. This project aims to provide a more balanced account of the contributions from both genders.

  • Inclusion of the stories of overseas Chinese Adventists - Past accounts focused on the Adventist churches in China mainland only, but overseas Chinese Adventists played and continue to play a significant role. We provide stories of the Chinese Adventists churches and workers in oversea countries, e.g. Southeast Asia, North America, Australia etc., where there are significant groups of Chinese Adventist believers.

  • Availability of supporting resources - these additional resources are available to support research:

    • Online Digital Image Repository of historical photos and artifacts

    • Center for Chinese Adventist Heritage at Hong Kong Adventist College

    • Hard copy Publications of selected aspects of Adventist history in "print"

    • Adventist in China Research Network is a group of scholars and researchers engaging in scholarly research on this area.

People behind the Project

Project Team

Edward Allen, PhD

Chin-Lee Chan, MS, MA, MDivEqv

Terence Chan, MD

Bruce W Lo, PhD (Project Director)

Ruth S Lo, PhD

Shirley Mann

Lillian Ng

Sharon Sung, MD

Editorial Committee

Edward Allen, PhD

Samuel Chiu, DTh

Daniel Chuah, PhD

Robert Folkenberg Jr. DM, 傅博仁

Eugene Huang

Bruce W Lo, PhD

Sharon Sung, MD

Dorothy Zane

Editorial Consultants

Benson Shiu

Chook Ying Wu

Samuel Young

Contributing Authors

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To submit your article, please email your article in WORD format to the project director Bruce W. Lo at lobw@uwec.edu.

Research Historians

For the names of the research scholars who are engaging in historical research on the history of the Adventist movement in China, please click this link:

AIC Research Network.

Center for Chinese Adventist Heritage

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For CONTACT please write to: Bruce W. Lo at lobw@uwec.edu