Chan, Joe Fat (fl. 1901-1903)

Bruce W. N. Lo

The following account of Chan, Joe Fat, was giveny by Emma Anderson in Advent Review and Sabbath Herald, February 10, 1903, p. 11:

"On the mainland at Sun Ling, about one hundred miles from Hong Kong, han Joe Fat, who heard the message in Portland, Oregon, and who is a member of Seventh-day Adventist Church in that place, has began work for his fellow countrymen. So far as he has been able to communicate with us through an interpreter, we understand that it is now about three years since he returned from America.

He is deaf, and beyond the age of active labor, but lives with his son, who provides his support. Since his return he has devoted his time and what means has been at this command to the spread of "the joyful message" of salvation, and now reports that three or four are walking with hi in the light of present truth. He expects to give the remainder of his days to this work.

No money is acceptable on his own account, but he very gladly receives portions of the Scriptures, tracts, and ibles for distribution, and earnestly pleads for a small mission to be opened in his nativer village of about six thousand inhabitants. A larger village in the immediate vicinity would be easily accessible to such a mission.

A younger brother, apparently a good Chinese student, is associated with him in his work. This brother, being a many of dependent family, requires some financial assistance and a sum equial to a little more than four dollars a month has been appropriated to their work. One half of this si paid by a private subscription."


1. Anderson, Emma T., "Our Work in China", Advent Review and Sabbath Herald, February 10, 1903, p. 11.