Tokyo Chinese Seventh-day Adventist Church

Yu Chuan Fu (尤川夫)

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During recent decades the greatest number of immigrants to Japan have been Chinese. In 2017, according to the official government report, more than 600,000 Chinese settled in Japan. In the Kanto area alone, there are 300,000 Chinese. The Chinese population in Japan is increasing daily.

Since the beginning of missionary work among the Chinese in Tokyo, (besides those Chinese from various countries who speak Chinese), a few Japanese also come to attend services. Though we are from different backgrounds, we are all the children of God and we love each other as family members.

In March 2006, Pastor Yu Chuan Fu, a missionary of the Pioneer Mission Movement (PMM), was sent from Taiwan, along with his family, to work among the Chinese in Japan. Before working he was sent to Japan Missionary College (日本三育学院) to study a year of Japanese language and culture.

In March 2007 Pastor Yu was sent to Tachikawa Shi, Takamatsu-cho (东京都立川市)to begin the gospel work among the Chinese. On the first Sabbath, the service was held in the drawing room of Pastor Yu, who was the speaker, Mrs. Yu was the pianist, with two children as the audience. It seems now as though it has just been a short while even though there has been a lapse of twelve years. By May 2017 more than sixty people have been baptized and there are three small family groups.

Beginning in June 2007, we made use of four classrooms of the Tachikawa Japanese Church to conduct free language studies in Chinese and English, hoping more Chinese children in the area would come to our church.

In July 2008 we began Bible study classes on the fourth floor of the Tachikawa Japanese Church, every Wednesday and every Sabbath afternoon.

In September 2008, we established the Tokyo Chinese Seventh-day Adventist Company on the fourth floor of the Tachikawa Japanese Church.

In March 2009 we started another small group meeting in another district of the Takamatsu area of Tokyo every Sabbath afternoon.

Thanks be to God, in March 2012 we officially established the Tokyo Chinese Mission Center in Tachikawa City. There were many reasons for which we needed to have our own meeting venue. Firstly, the rent for weekly services in the city government classrooms was expense. Secondly, sometimes we had we had to meet in public parks with much inconvenience.

In May 2014, we began to meet on the first floor underground in Tachikawa City Mission Center. We are thankful to the brethren and sisters around the world for their Thirteenth Sabbath offerings which enabled us to carry out this project. We are also thankful to the Northern Asia Pacific Division, the Japan Union Conference, the Chinese Union Mission and the Taiwan Conference.

By May 27, 2017, the Tokyo Chinese SDA Church has 61 members. We hope the three small groups will soon become fully grown churches to give glory to the Lord. May God lead our church to save more souls in the difficult field of Japan.

In the Takamatsu areas of Tokyo, most of the Chinese choose to live in the outskirts where living expenses are lower. To go to the city to attend Sabbath services, the bus fares are quite high. To urge the new believers or interested people to go to the city regularly is a high hope. The plan is to train more local group leaders to be in charge of small groups of about ten people in various suburbs of the city. As soon as number of members grows, new groups will be formed.

The living space in Japan is very crowded. When we hold small group meetings, we cannot sing hymns so as to not disturb the neighbors who may voice their complaints. May God grant us the wisdom to solve the problems which we face.