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Center for Chinese Adventist Heritage (CCAH)


COLLECTIONS located online and at Chinese Adventist Seminary, 1111 Clear Water Bay Rd, Hong Kong. 

Officially opened Oct 31, 2014 More info......

Objectives of CCAH

The Center for Chinese Adventist Heritage (CCAH) houses two collections of historical artifacts and heritage items associated with the Seventh-day Adventist movement in China. The purpose of the Center is to provide a centralized set of resources for scholars, researchers, and students who are interested in the history of the Adventist movement in China and to Chinese people around the world.

Heritage items include but not limited to:

These resources are freely available for research purpose. If you are interested in using these resources, please use the contact information below:

Phone Number: +852 719 1668

Address: The Librarian, Center for Chinese Adventist Heritage (CCAH), c/- Hong Kong Adventist College Library, 1111 Clear Water Bay Road, Sai Kong, N.T., Hong Kong, China.

CCAH Board of Management

Chairperson: Bruce W. Lo

Vice-Chair HKAC: Paul McGraw

Vice-Chair CHUM: TBA

Secretary: TBA

Curator: TBA

Member: HKAC Business Manager

Member1 at large:

Member2 at Large:

Donate heritage items to CCAH

If you have a heritage item that you think are of historic value to the Adventism in China (AIC) project and want to donate to CCAH, please contact one of the persons listed below:

If you want to keep the item but are willing to allow CCAH to make a facsimile copy (a digital image or a replica), please contact one of the persons listed below. A "Heritage Item Submission" form may be found at the bottom of this page to assist you in the submission procedure.

Interested to help financially?

The CCAH project is a layperson initiative, completely funded by donations. CCAH is an entirely non-profit entity. If you wish to contribute financially to this project, you are most welcome. Donations from US donors are tax deductible as the donations are directed toward the General Conference of SDA special project fund. When you remit your donation, please use the "CCAH Donation" form at the bottom of this page.

CCAH Online Collection

URL of CCAH Online Collection:


Contact Curators

Katerina Ma, mskatma@gmail.com‎ 

Curator2 TBA

Curator3 TBA

CCAH Archivists

Since most official church records were lost during the wars, we are looking for individuals in China who are willing to act as Archivists to do aural recordings of former or present church members, who are able to recount stories of our church from their recollection. Archivists are needed in the following regions: