San Diego

San Diego (聖地牙哥) Chinese Seventh-day Adventist Company

Samuel Young

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The ministry at San Diego was initiated by Milton Wu Kuo Ying (吳國英), Nora Tho (凃洪美玲), and John Lu (呂俊明) of the Loma Linda Chinese church. It started as a branch Sabbath School and met at members’ homes for service. Through Pastor John Lu’s strong faith and commitment, the group gradually grew and stabilized.

In 2000, the group approached the San Diego Clairemont Church for a better place for Sabbath service, and accepted the advice of the Southeastern California Conference to join the few remaining members of this church, [which once had 200 members, but it then had only 20 people] and tried to revive the church. During this period the Chinese group forgot its founding mission to spread the Gospel to the Chinese in San Diego and continued this effort under the leadership of Pastor Samuel Huong (方傳茂). He and his wife Ruth (范慧屏) volunteered all their time and effort to go from Loma Linda to San Diego every Sabbath to help the group. During that period, several Chinese members were baptized after attending public evangelistic meetings.

On August 4, 2008 the Chinese group decided to leave the San Diego Clairemont Church as an effort to focus better its mission of spreading the Gospel among the Chinese in San Diego. The Loma Linda Chinese Church Board the approved to accept the San Diego Chinese SDA Fellowship as an outreach program. Pastor Matthew Yuen (袁福基), pastor of the Loma Linda Chinese Church, is the leader of the Fellowship.

Friday evening Bible study classes, youth CARE groups and campus ministry at the University of California San Diego campus have been organized to help the growth of the Fellowship. All these efforts resulted in several baptisms. To support this ministry the mother church donated over ten thousand dollars every year. The Chinese Fellowship hopes to become financially self-sufficient. There were 20 to 30 regular Chinese congregants in 2002. The number of attendees as of 2015 is around 40.

Since returning to the United States in late 2011, Roger Li (李博文) with his wife has been helping the Sabbath service of the Fellowship which met at the Lawrence Family Jewish Community Center at 4126 Executive drive, La Jolla CA 92037-1348. As of June 6, 2015, the Fellowship leased the facility of San Diego Woori Korean Church as their meeting place. It is at 4847 Mercury Street, San Diego, CA 92111. It is hoped that the Fellowship will soon become a company.