1 China Mainland

This is the landing page from which you can find links to stories of churches, mission & union entities, that are or were on the mainland of China. Two views are presented:

    1. Location View: Locations of Churches in Today's China. This may serve as a guide to those who wish to find the addresses of Chinese congregations in China Mainland.

    2. Historical View: Stories of Churches and Mission/Union Entities in the former China Division Most of the missions and unions were entities that existed prior to 1952

Location View

The information here are collated by the China Seventh-day Adventists (中国基督复临安息日会) website at:


This is probably the most comprehensive listing of current Seventh-day Adventist Church addresses in China Mainland. The list is constantly changing. So please use it with care. At the time this information is posted in the AIC Wikisite, there were:

    • Total number of churches listed = 817

    • Information last updated = October 29, 2019

The zgaxr website was written in Chinese. Therefore to take full advantage of the information provide the reader is expected to be able to read Chinese or has someone who can interpret for the reader. The actual URL of the webpage where the church address list may be found is:


There is an interactive map on that page. So that reader can search for a particular church by clicking on the appropriate province on the map.This will open up a new webpage(or a linked list of webpages) where a list of

  • the name of the church,

  • its address,

  • the name of the contact person

  • the phone number

may be found. So the search process is pretty straightforward.

The table below shows the list of churches in each province, autonomous region, and municipality at the time of last update:

Historical View

China mainland was divided into eight (8) "Union" subregions at the haydays of China Division:

    1. East China Union Mission

      1. Churches of East China

      2. Jiangsu-Anhui Mission

      3. Southern Jejiang Mission

    2. South China Union Mission

      1. Churches of South China

      2. Hakka Mission

    1. Central China Union Mission

      1. Churches in Central China

      2. Henan Luihe Church

      3. Henan Anyang Church

      4. Hunan Miao Mission

    1. North China Union Mission

      1. Churches in North China

      2. Northern China Union Mission

      3. Shanxi Mission

      4. Inner Mogolia Mission

    1. Northwest China Union Mission

        1. Northwestern Union Mission 1 (to combine with 3)

        2. Churches of Northwest China

        3. Northwestern Union Mission 2

        4. Shianxi Mission

    2. West China Union Mission

      1. Churches in West China

      2. City of Kongding

      3. Tibet Mission

      4. Yunan Miao Mission

      5. Chongcheng Mission

    1. Northeast China Union Mission

      1. Churches of Notheast China

    1. Mongolia Mission

    2. Churches of Inner Mongolia