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This is the Glossary Table for the names of pioneer national workers of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in China. The purpose is to facilitate cross referencing for finding basic fact about a particular denominational employee.

    • Column 1 Lists the individual's names in Chinese characters.

    • Column 2 Lists the individual's names in English pingyin.

    • Column 3 Lists the "romanization" of the individual's names in the original dialect. This form is probably what was used in Church records.

    • Column 4 States the years of the individual's ordination.

    • Columns 5,6 Give the place or conference at which the employee was ordained, first in Chinese then in English.

    • Columns 7,8 List the significant office or position held by that person, first in Chinese then in English.

    • Column 9 Contain a comment where appropriate.

The table is by default, sorted in alphabetical order of the individual's name in PINYIN, as this is the most standardized form the the name. Click links below if you want the table sorted in other order:

Chinese Name Romanized Dialect Name Year Ordained (links not yet active)

In this table, you can click on the links to jump to the page on which you can find information about that individual. If a link is missing or if a cell is empty for an individual, it means that part of the wikisite has not be completed yet. The Editorial Team intend to progressively build the wikisite as time allows. If you would like to contribute to writing part of the content, please contact the Project Director: Bruce Lo at lobw@uwec.edu.

Further References: List of top 100 Chinese Names and their pinyin and Wade-Gile romanization, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_common_Chinese_surnames


SDA Yearbook

Shen, David (2002), Table compiled by David Shen in "Chinese SDA History".

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