Honolulu (檀香山) Chinese Seventh-day Adventist Church

Samuel Young

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Honolulu (檀香山), Hawaii (夏威夷): Although there are many Chinese in Hawaii, there are not many Chinese Adventists. The people here are highly mobile and many young people often move to the mainland America to pursue their careers. In 1985, Pastor Nathaniel Yen Yung Tse (顏榮哲) and Pastor Shigenobu Arakaki (新垣茂信), the director of the Hawaiian Mission, organized a Chinese Sabbath school as part of the Honolulu Central Seventh-day Adventist Church at 2313 Nuuanu Avenue, Honolulu, HI 96817. There were about 30 Chinese members by 2002. After Nathaniel Yen, the successive pastors are as follows: Daniel Lee (李斌祥), Chin Kong Tai (陳光大), Roger Li Po Wen (李博文), John Chow (周文龍) and Frank Lee (利國鏗).

After Frank Lee was transferred from New York to Honolulu in mid 2000s, he made it a Chinese/Vietnamese church. On Sunday, April 25, 2010, the Hawaii Chinese/Vietnamese church was voted into the fellowship of churches during the Hawaiian Mission constituency session. (Pacific Union Recorder, June 2010, p. 11.) As of November 25, 2014, the membership was 48. The church’s telephone is: (808) 524-1352. [Editor’s note: Since 2005 Pastor Frank Lee was known as Frank Loi, so as not to confuse with another Frank Lee (李學文), an elder of the church. Elder Frank Lee was a former teacher in Hong Kong Adventist College. He is a younger brother of Pastor Roger Li Po Wen (李博文)]