Longway Ezra Leon 羅威 (1895 - 1987)

Basic biographic data

Born on September 16, 1895 in Oxbow, NY; died September 24, 1987 in Angwin, CA.

Parentage: Father Henry D. Longway of New York state; mother Dellaphene Longway also of the New York state.

Siblings: Two brothers and two sisters; from oldest to youngest are: Lenard, Eva, Minnie, Earnest; Ezra is the youngest of the five children.

Spouses: Married Inez Ruth D--- in December 1950; married Florence Ione Nagel Winton on November 11, 1973.

Children: From oldest to youngest, daughters Eva R. Currie, Myrtle E. Scharffenberg; sons: Delbert E. Longway, Ralph E. Longway, and David R. Longway.

Summary of service:

Figure 1: Portrait of E.L. Longway in when?

Figure 2: The Longway family; back left to right: Ezra, Myrtle, Eva, and Delbert; front seating left to right: Ralph, David, and Inez.

Figure 3: Pastor Ezra and Mrs Inez Longway in when?

Figure 4: Pastor E.L. Longway in 1961 when he was president of the South China Islands Union Mission

Figure 5: Pastor Ezra and Mrs Inez Longway in when at where?

Figure 6: Pastor Ezra Longway and his second wife, Florence Nagel-Winton during their wedding day in 1973

Figure 7: Pastor Ezra and Mrs Florence Longway during their retirement.