Christian Contacts Prior to Adventists

Prior to the formal entry of the modern Adventist faith to China, many Christian groups attempted to bring the gospel to the people of China. This section attempts to give a brief, and probably incomplete, overview of the rise and fall of some of these Christian groups throughout the history of China. It also examines the variety of Biblical concepts that are found in ancient Chinese cultural tradition and Chinese writings. The existence of these Hebrew-Judaic concepts in ancient China may provide further evidence of the descendent linkage between the Chinese people and the postdiluvian world.

Use the following links to explore further details:

  1. Border Sacrifice by Ancient Emperors (郊忋)

  2. Formation of Chinese Characters (說文解字)

  3. Apostle Thomas during East Han (東汉)

  4. Nestorians in Tang (唐朝)

  5. Roman Catholicism

    1. Franciscan Friars, Giovanni(John) Montecorvino in Yuan (元朝)

    2. Jesuit Priests, Matteo Ricci in Ming (明朝)

  6. First Protestant Missionary-Robert Morrison in Qing (清朝 1807)

  7. American Evangelicalism-Elijah & Eliza Bridgman (清朝 1830)

  8. Non-denominationalism: China Inland Mission-Hudson Taylor (清朝 1865)