Washington D.C. (首都華府) Chinese Seventh-day Adventist Church

Samuel Young

Basic Demographic Information

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The Capital Chinese Adventist Church in Washington, DC (華府華人基督復臨安息日會) was initiated by Samuel Young and David Shen (沈斌仁). In 1987, Young and Shen gathered a group of 40 Chinese Adventists and they agreed to organize a Chinese church. They first rented a place of worship at the Sligo church and asked Dr. Chakarat Sukachevin (徐哲士) to be their leader. Several years later, they began the worship services in Chinese. In 1994, they bought a building at 810 West University Boulevard, Silver Spring, MD 20901, and became a company with Samuel Young as head elder. In 1995 the company was organized into a church and Chiao Hong Tao (焦洪濤) was the pastor and Dr. Sukachevin served as the head elder. There were about 110 church members in 2002. Presently (2012) the pastor is Oliver Koh (許江松), a former president of Southeast Asia Union College in Singapore. The church’s telephone is: (301) 754-0342, and its email is LLE82010@gmail.com