New York

New York City (紐約市) Chinese Seventh-day Adventist Church

Samuel Young

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In 1973, Samuel Young visited his relatives in New York City. He and Hsu Hung (徐泓) gathered 25 Chinese Adventists and alumni of the China Training Institute to have worship services in Chinese at the home of Mary Ng (吳曼). Later they rented a meeting place at the Spanish-speaking Adventist Church and chose Winston Tan (陳之恩) to be their leader. Tseng Kwang Hong (曾冠鴻) originally from Taiwan became their pastor in 1982. They tried to find a permanent home for the church. In 1987, a Chinese Adventist Church was organized in New York City. In 1990 Tseng Kwang Hong went back to Taiwan. As a result, there was no pastor for the church. At the end of that year, Ly Quoc Hang (利國鏗) [now known as Frank Loi] migrated from Vietnam to America. He was then appointed pastor of the church. Dr. Liew Enn Kong (劉恩康) and Jackson Lee (李茂旺) were the elders. By 1996 the New York Chinese church was accepted as a member of sisterhood of churches in the New York Conference. As membership increased, a church building at 7606 41st Avenue, Elmhurst, NY 11373 was erected in 1998 and was completed in 1999. On September 9, a Thanksgiving service was held in the new church building. The three-story reinforced concrete building cost US $1,500,000, of which Chan Shun Foundation (陳俊基金會) contributed US $600,000. The sanctuary is in the third floor and can accommodate 300 people. The basement is used as a fellowship hall, canteen and other cultural activities. On the ground floor are the pastor’s office, Christian reading room, community center, and pastor’s resident. On the second floor there are six classrooms, offices and guest rooms. (The Last Day Shepherd’s Call, November 2000, p. 25.) By 2002 there were 90 people in this church. The membership as of January 8, 2013 was 106. Its telephone is: (718) 205-8618. Presently the pastor is John Lee Kam Hong (李錦洪).