Adventism in China

Adventism in China (AiC) 复临中华, 復臨中華, aims to develop a comprehensive and systematic account of the history of Seventh-day Adventist movement in China and to Chinese people around the world. It has 5 components:

If you wish to contribute to the AIC project, please contact the Director, Bruce W. Lo at More information may be found on the About Us page and the Author Info page.

The Multiview Approach

The history of Adventism in China will be viewed from FIVE perspectives:

1. Church Chronology

A chronological summary of the history of the Adventist Church in China. The chronology is determined by major events or happenings within the Adventist Church. This is the best way to get an overview of the Adventist Church history in China. Click here Chronology to find out more...

2. Individual PersonStories of individuals in the church who had made significant contributions to the Adventist message in China. You may search their stories by their names in alphabetic order. Click here Individuals to find out more...

3. Church Departments and Institutions

Here you can find the work of the Church according to church institutions, departments or the nature of the ministry, e.g. education, health, publishing, etc. Click here Institutions to find out more...

4. Political Periods (Era of Time)

The Adventist history is divided into periods according to political or national events in China and the World, such as wars, political movements, and major civil activities. These events are happenings outside of the church. Click here Periods to find out more....

5. Geographical Regions

Here Adventist history is described according to different geographical regions in China, such as Central China Union Mission, and South China Union Mission, provinces, or cities etc. Click here Regions to find out more....

Conference Announcement

The Second International Conference on Adventism in China (ICAiC2022) will be held in October 2022.

Mode: Online (Virtual Conference)

Dual Tracks: Academic Track (double blind review) and Pastoral Practicum Track (editorial panel review)

CALL FOR PAPERS (TBA shortly. Watch this space)

Areas (but not limit to): Missiology, Christianity and China, Adventism and China, Chinese culture and belief systems, biography of accomplished Adventist members, history of church organization, and development & growth of local churches in China, pastoral practice & outreach to Chinese.

Past AiC News

2019 Articles by Wu Chook Ying on Overseas Chinese Adventist churches were posted on this website. Click the links below or follow the navigation bars on the left hand side to find out more.... Regions --> 4 Overseas Chinese

2018 In collaboration with, AIC conducted a 10-Day 5-City China Tour from October 9 to 18, 2018. Click here to find out more....

2014 Opening of the Center for Chinese Adventist Heritage at Hong Kong Adventist College, Oct 31, 2014. Find out more.....

2014 The joint AiC-ASDAH Conference, Reflection on Adventism in China and Asia, Oct 30-31, 2014, Hong Kong. Find out more..... See also Adventist Review News Report

2014 The post-Conference 12-Day 6-City China Tour, Footsteps of Adventist Pioneers in China, Nov 3-14, 2014, Find out more.....

This project, though approved by the Church, is the initiative of a group of lay persons not directly employed by the Church and is funded purely by donations. If you wish to make a donation, please see the About Us page for details.

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